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Valve Body Removed BMW E34 with ZF 5HP18

Автор: MMWA Длительность: 00:05:43
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Опубликовал: Виктор Василев 09.09.2016
I'm going to have 1 last look at this transmission - it has dramatical...
I'm going to have 1 last look at this transmission - it has dramatically improved beyond my wildest expectations just replacing the fluid and leaving in the 100% blocked filter.

I can already see as expected an alarming amount of friction material all over the inside of the transmission, and the front band which is visible when the valve body is removed only has about 1mm or less material left on it.

I'm going to test out these solenoids on the bench and see just how much crap has gone thru this valve body. If i could find frictions cheap I would consider rebuilding the transmission as I do quite enjoy having a battered shopping trolly I can park anywhere at my supermarket. I would fix all other concerns while the engine was removed too to make the car at least road worthy. Unfortunately ZF parts are a bit of a pain in the ass to obtain and pretty expensive.
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