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E4OD Transmission Teardown - Ford Lightning

Автор: Hiram Gutierrez Длительность: 00:43:56
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Опубликовал: Виктор Василев 08.09.2016
E4OD Transmission Teardown - Ford Lightning Basic teardown of this E4O...
E4OD Transmission Teardown - Ford Lightning
Basic teardown of this E4OD Transmission and the differences between the 4R100. Although they look similar they are a little different and some parts will interchange between the two. Actually the later 4R100's were just a redesigned E4OD to accommodate the increased power of their newer engines, whether gas or diesel.
There are aftermarket parts to make this units handle a little more load, like the steel 6 pinion planetary, Z-pack friction module for intermediate and the list goes on...
I will be posting the teardown of the core I'm getting for this repair, which I can get for almost the same price than getting just the case plus all the damaged parts, so stay tuned for the next video.
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